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Tim Roberts, a Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Author

This is the part of a website where everyone else tells you all about their experience & CV but I’d rather just tell you how it is – I take an honest, no BS approach & work with you to create practical ways to help you to be the best version of you that you want to be.  I’m also sure that you’d rather know about what I can do for you not where I used to work or have already done.

I have all the experience & credentials that you’d expect & if that floats your boat then I am more than happy to tell you all about where I used to work, my coaching qualifications, my own leadership experience & the clients that I work with now. I’d rather talk about you because It Always Starts With You.  You are my sole focus, not the coaching lingo or worn-out cliches about leadership & personal development.  Leadership is often overcomplicated; with me, you get the two things that make leadership work – it’s all about emotional intelligence & authenticity.

Enthuse stands for more than its logo. It’s essentially me & everything that I believe in. Having worked in the corporate machine for the majority of my career, I genuinely want people to do well out of it because I’ve seen how it works.

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Break the Mould

  • Are you fed up of Corporate bullshit?
  • Do you want to wake up on a Monday morning feeling like you actually want to go to work?

    Then you need to Break the Mould. This book will make authentic leadership something that you do effortlessly every day.

    It will fill you with confidence & give you the practical self-coaching techniques to be your best version of you.

    Break the Mould volume one is the ground-breaking debut book from Tim Roberts. It’s selling fast & gathering unique Amazon reviews! Check out the video from the book’s launch party which gives you a flavour of what to expect from the book & how Tim helps his clients to be their true, authentic selves’

    break the mould reviews

    Why work with Tim

    Because you’ll enjoy it because it’s honest!  You’ll want to change your behaviour because working with me is built on the truth – your truth. You will go & get the results that you want when we work together. 

    We’ll have some fun together & I’ll challenge you to think & behave differently – if I don’t achieve that then I will have failed. What you can expect to get from working with me: –

    • Inspired to go further
    • Believe in yourself more
    • Be your true, authentic self
    • Shut down your BS Factory to get rid of the negativity
    • Break the mould
    • Never let the dxckheads win
    • Make life-defining, positive choices
    • Stop stressing about the things that don’t matter
    • Be the best version of you that you want to be 

    Imagine waking up every day, feeling good about what’s ahead. Knowing there’ll be challenges, but you have the tools to tackle them. That the people who you’re responsible for will follow you because you are your true, authentic self. Sounds good? I’ll help you get there, and maybe a little further. Here’s what we’ll do together.

    • I’ll develop your self-awareness. You’ll learn how to deal with ANY situation that life throws at you
    • I’ll embed Emotional Intelligence into your thinking. You’ll make positive, lasting choices
    • I’ll help you listen to rather than talk at. You’ll respond better by being in tune with your thoughts and emotions

    My single belief is that Emotional Intelligence will get you further in life than anything else. It helps you to become your best version of you, no question. It inspires you to do more, to take challenges head on and respond in the best way possible.

    It’s at the centre of my coaching approach to developing leadership in people to developing leadership in people. If you want to find out who you are, are willing to be challenged and genuinely want to be the best person you can be, we’ll work well together.

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “am I fulfilling my potential“? Do you look at your management team and wonder, “can they lead this business to its goals“? Maybe you’ve thought, “how do I change culture with only finite resources“?

    If you have, you’re not alone. When you work with me, I’ll answer those questions directly. Whilst also offering a little bit more.

    Believe me when I say this – I’ve been there, done that, seen it all AND written the book. When you go on the journey of becoming your true authentic self, everything changes for the better. I’m here for you whenever you want to discuss how we do that, together. 

    I’d love to learn how I can help you to get Enthused.  Are you Mad For It?

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    Fans of Enthuse

    I honestly can’t recommend Tim enough. We’ve just achieved some recognition for our business culture, and pretty much everything I mentioned in the application that got us shortlisted was a direct result of our work with Tim!

    I’ve worked with a few coaches in my career, and none have been anywhere near as personable as Tim – he makes you feel completely comfortable from the off and just makes you want to be and do your best, and feel completely confident you can, with him by your side.

    Bethany Lang – People Director

    Just being around Tim Roberts is intuitive, insightful and always inspiring! We worked with Tim to bring emotional intelligence and a positive mindset into our conversations across multiple levels of our company.
    I would highly recommend working with Tim, he is a real expert in his field

    Lydia Kennedy – Head of People

    Tim has a knack for making others feel comfortable within 5 seconds of entering the room. I love his style of learning. He keeps it simple, everyone has a voice & only by the end of the session do you realise there has been hardly any use of slides. And of course, he always adds that special dose of fun!
    Tim is a true expert in his field & someone I would recommend time & time again.

    Faye McLean – Head of People

    Unique, courageous and highly emotionally intelligent, Tim is one of the finest examples of inspirational speakers I have had the privilege of working with. Blending humility with his energetic high-drive style and seeking to leave every coachee, team or audience filled with passion and compelled to act, he can engage you on a personal and professional level instantly. Whatever the challenge your organisation faces, let Tim be a part of the solution.

    Julia Darvill – Managing Director

    Tim is an excellent coach and makes the process feel like a conversation between two friends, a compliment given the sometimes intellectually and emotionally stretching places he encourages you to go to as a leader.
    I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who wishes to understand how emotional intelligence can transform your leadership approach and help you demonstrate authenticity every day in everything you do.

    Steve Blackburn – Regional Director