Tim Roberts

Enthuse TV

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enthuse tv

Tim's Zombie impression and a top inspiration tip to keep you focussed on your Purpose and being Enthused about what you do

enthuse tv

Check out Tim's take on all things Coaching and see the Enthuse TV debut of the self-coaching mallard!

enthuse tv

There are now wimps allowed in self-awareness

don't let your work teams turn into the work fridge

DisruptHR Glasgow where Tim shared the Enthuse vision for Team Development.  No laminated signs were harmed in the filming of this video!

Is it leader? is it a manager? it's a human being

Tim's talk at DisruptHR Manchester on why developing decent human beings is more important than creating leaders who manage and control others

the future of L&D - give me a break

Check out Tim's now legendary DisruptHR debut.  Including his 'styled-out' stage fall!

careercake's coaching expert

Check out Tim talking the principles of coaching as part of this role as Coaching expert with the wonderful Aimee Bateman from Careercake

Tim's CIPD Coaching Video

Check out this clip from Tim's work with the CIPD.  Tim was interviewed for the CIPD's Coaching programmes.  Here we share a short clip of Tim talking about how individuals can contribute to an organisation's coaching culture.