Work with us to solve your leadership puzzle

We love leaders.  We recognise and understand the challenges they face.

Our facilitated learning experiences all began their existence routed in Emotional Intelligence.  We will never be described as 'death by PowerPoint' and this is where your leaders develop themselves to change existing or create new habits to be the leader they want to be.

Our learning experiences offer leaders the chance to learn  the skills that they are expected to master when they become a leader.

You can piece your leadership puzzle together through one off workshops or we offer the complete collection as a development programme.

Our Leaders collection

Leader's Communication


Poor communication is the route of all evil.  Learn how to consistently and confidently communicate as a leader to build effective relationships.

Leadership happens one conversation at a time; our workshop develops the communication skills needed to make every conversation a success.

Be Proactive


It's 'Time Management' but not as we know it.  We can't manage time - we can only manage ourselves.

Leaders are under pressure to work proactively and to lead others to do the same.  This is not as simple as it sounds and often the habits we learn from others hinder our proactive ability.  Learn how to manage yourselves by focussing on what is important and  delegating effectively.

Epic Presentations


All leaders love delivering presentations right?  If only, it were that simple!

Being an Epic Presenter should be in every leader's job description because it is an expectation of you as soon as you become a leader.

We introduce you to a toolkit that enables you to design an effective presentation every time and overcome your nerves and confidently choose to be an Epic Presenter.

Problem Solver


Leader = Problem Solver.

One of the things that organisations are great at is creating problems for leaders to solve.  In fact, many leader's job titles could be changed to 'problem solver' and it would accurately reflect their responsibilities.

This interactive workshop develops leaders to think laterally when solving problems and to always deal with the cause and not just the symptoms.

Inspiring Performance


Don't just manage performance - inspire it!

Performance Management is never about the form or the process; it is about the relationships between leaders and their teams.

Inspiring Performance is embedded in everything we do and you can expect your leaders being able to give effective feedback, set collaborative goals and have courageous conversations as just some of the outcomes from this workshop.

Team Builder


One of the biggest challenges facing leaders is to effectively build engagement in their team.

Our workshop enables leaders to clearly identify their purpose and the key interactions, like team meetings, where they can consistently build and develop their team.

Building your team will build your success and we will enable you to better understand yourself and others as a team to create a positive and successful team environment.

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