About Us



Our Purpose is to make you think.

Our Vision is to create an environment where people can always be the best version of themselves.



We work to achieve our Purpose.  Lecturing and simply telling you what to do is just not our style.  Expect solutions focussed coaching and interactive learning experiences.

This puts our focus on you and delivering solutions that meet your learning needs.  Creating a positive impact that delivers productivity through enhanced individual and business performance.

We achieve this by putting Emotional Intelligence at the centre of everything we do.



We focus on 3 key areas: -




Our solutions come ready made or can be tailored to bespoke solutions - our world is about you so we deliver to meet your needs.

Our expertise is most effectively applied through designing and delivering coaching and facilitated learning experiences.

Who Are You?


Tim Roberts

Enthuse creator Tim Roberts is our lead Coach and Facilitator.

Tim's passion for coaching and personal development shines through and his strong belief that 'Emotional Intelligence will get you further in life than anything else' is what drives our commitment to making you more successful.

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